Velvet caribou antlers

Submitted by wigwam bay guy on 09/23/2002. ( )

Never dealt with velvet antlers before, how do you strip off the stuff and that skin membrane also.....there is still blood in these early season caribou, how is that rid of..............need good info....they were killed about a week and half ago.....

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Did you bother to read first?

This response submitted by George on 09/23/2002. ( )

This question was posed last week and that answer is the same as the 97 before it. Go to the "SEARCH" icon in the left margin and click it. Then type that same title in that white block. There's tons of information to be had by those who look before they type.

Soak them

This response submitted by Superpig on 09/24/2002. ( )

if you have a stock tank handy, throw them in there for a week or so and all the velvet will just fall off. Afterwards clean them real good with clean water and hang them out to dry. If no stocktank is handy a big tub will do. This process may create a lot of smell but it is the easiest and fastest way to deal with stripping the velvet off.

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