Altering a elk shoulder form?

Submitted by Audrey Lynn on 09/25/2002. ( )

Hello, I have done some minor alterations, but I need to inlarge the neck on a pedestal elk mount, if you could help out please. Thank you

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How Much?

This response submitted by BD on 09/25/2002. ( )

What are your measurements of the form and what do they need to become? Do the shoulders fit alright, it's just the neck? Need a little more info to be of any help.

Does the head fit?

This response submitted by George on 09/25/2002. ( )

If not, it's MUCH easier to reorder the correct size now. To expand the circumberence, you cut the form lengthwise and put pegs, nails, dowels, sticks, whatever between the halves so the the gap is HALF the size of the increase needed. Then tape over the gap completely, leaving only a small hole to pour in foam. As the foam expands, allow it to escape so that it doesn't spread you circumference larger than you need it. After it dries, remove the tape and surfoam the contour like you want it.

Pedestal mannikin

This response submitted by Audrey Lynn on 09/26/2002. ( )

This is a pedestal mount, I can not re-order because this is the only size the company offers, and it is the position my customer is looking for. Everything else seems to be just fine, just need to expand the neck area.

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