Alson Industries

Submitted by Saqib Mubeen on 09/30/2002. ( )

I am maker of military uniform accessories especially in lanyards, sword knot, aiagulettes , eppulettes, cap cord, sashes , woven belts, hand embroidery badge, laces, chin cord, dress cord, pipe cord , tassls , frienges and etc etc.

I am looking importers of Germany , England and Middle East whose want only quality.

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Hey sahib!

This response submitted by cur on 09/30/2002. ( wildart )

The next time I decide to put "lettuce" on a deer rack, or epaulets on a shoulder mount, I'll be sure to contact you. the only ropes we use is to hang critter from trees.

You have come to the wrong place, unless there is a Taxidermy Army being organized and I haven't been invited.

Just as soon as we finish kicking Iraq's butt, there will be a surplus of those cute uniform thingies that adorn the Republican Guard's parade uniforms.


This response submitted by John on 09/30/2002. ( )

Ok Ill say it before someone else does "What does this have to do with the skin adjusting buisness" He must have gotten on the wrong forum. Although there are a lot of "Wars" fought on this forum. I don't know if we need to get all dressed up for the occasion.

Sorry cur looks like you beat me to it.

This response submitted by John on 09/30/2002. ( )


Easy Now

This response submitted by R. Curtis on 09/30/2002. ( )

Come on now. Lets be a little nicer. Why is it that the people allways go into either the attack mode or the extreme sarcasim mode on this site. Quite frankly I don't care for the guys posting either but that does not mean that I am going to slam him. As I see it that is a major drawback to this site, salm the other guy.

OK curtis

This response submitted by cur on 10/01/2002. ( wildart )

I am sorry I made fun of the person.....

You just slammed us. But it seems that it is just fine for PC folks to slam others in rebuttal. Ahh, the joys of life. What the hell ever happened to humor?

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