Help, again! Please!

Submitted by Sid on 09/30/2002. ( )

Oh, woe is me! Here I go again. O.K., the problem, and yes, I did check the archives, I have a professionally tanned elk cape. It was shot somewhere in New Mexico, skinned by a taxidermist (horrible job, I might add) and sent out to be tanned. Well, it's been hanging around somewhere for quite a while, I think. The ear butts on this stinker are awful. They are hard as a rock, almost broke a couple of blades trying to shave it down a little, I have tried a hide softening agent, to no avail. I have soaked it in salt water, to no avail. Ok, I'm out of ideas. I'm afraid to hurt the dang thing, but if I can't get these butts softened, I'm out of a job. The hide came with the butts inside out and the ears are blown out badly. Hey, anyone, help me! Please. I'm afraid I'm ready to get a sledge hammer for this critter. Thanks for any insight to this!

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Did you sweat the hide?

This response submitted by George on 09/30/2002. ( )

In a vat of WARM water, put a cap of Downey clothes softener and let it set in the water for 2 hours. Take it out and hang it until the dripping stops. Put it in a plastic bag, seal the end, and set it in your fridge for a day. THEN try it.


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 09/30/2002. ( )

You may have to do it again. If you left some of that darn meat on it this will happen.

One other thing also is to inject the water into the hard areas. Be very carefull when pushing in that needle....

Thanks George and Frank

This response submitted by Sid on 10/01/2002. ( )

Well, thanks guys. I'll try the warm water. I didn't skin it out, so any meat left on was out of my control. As far as sticking a needle in it, probably won't happen. I used a pair of tin-snips just to trim it. Hard as a rock, it is. Hey, George, the warm water won't hurt the tan? Just askin'. Thanks again, I'll keep on a trying.

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