Has this ever happened to YOU! LOL

Submitted by Tim Jackson on 01/11/2003. ( timjackson@erath.net )

I had a call today about wanting me mount a longhorn for him. I said sure. When he showed up IT WAS IN A STOCK TRAILER ALIVE! He said you can have the meat and all I just want it mounted! Its a 4 year old steer and has a good set of horns but WOW what a job cleaning is going to be. I guess Im gonna shoot and lay out a tarp and go to work just like I was elk huntin! Just thought it was strange!

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This response submitted by Don on 01/11/2003. ( )

I guess the taxidermy.net yearly picnic is at your place this year LOL

Been there done that.

This response submitted by John C on 01/11/2003. ( )

Bison, big dirty stinking. A huge NFR Gray Bull that had broken a leg (Oscar for thos who may know) Then there are the people that somehow get a small mammal in a burlap.

Say Tim whens the friends coming over? You need help just tell them is a BBQ and get a few cases of beer.


This response submitted by Brandon on 01/11/2003. ( laughlinb87@yahoo.com )

Sometimes you can take it to a meat processor and tell them they can have the meat if they will skin it to your specifications for free. Just something for you to think about.

Longhorn hunt in the back yard

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 01/11/2003. ( mhoney@mindspring.com )

Tim, Man this sounds like my kinda thing! My wife has had a less than favorable view of this kind of thing, though I can get into it. I had a guy show up with a zebra in a trailor but it had died intransit- I had a "horse" carcase in the back yard for 2 days. Then there was the time a guy walked into the shop and dropped a live groundhog on the floor. At any rate maybe you can max out the deal- ribeyes, tan the back hide, sell the skeleton? Hey, don't forget to enjoy, Aaron H.

Happened to me

This response submitted by Forrestzoo on 01/12/2003. ( egelsu@intrstar.net )

Many, many, many years ago I had a guy call and said he had a Diamond back rattler
her wanted mounted (before protected). I tol dhim to bring it over. When he came they came in shop and tlaked for a while
telling me this story of how they went to a bar and fooled guys into thinking'they had a live on in the tool box.
They all went out and this guy was going to catch the "live rattler"
Man were they surprosed when it rally was still alive.
So we walked out to the truck and as I said "How did you end up killing it?" Thinking of what type of damage I would
have to repair. And he says" Oh it's still alive". Then I heard the singing of the rattles as he pulled a 5 gallon buket w/ lid out.
TOld him I only mount animals not kill them. So he came back a couple dyas later with it dead.


This response submitted by Roger E on 01/13/2003. ( )

What a piece of luck! When you figure in the net worth of all that meat, you will really make out on this mount...wish it would happen here. Call in a few friends to cut up meat for half, if you don't have meat cutting experience. Have fun, and thanks for sharing the situation with us.

been there

This response submitted by Rich on 01/13/2003. ( finfeathr@aol.com )

One guy brought mea live ringneck pheasant, anther guy brought me a live peacock...charged $20 extra per bird to kill them..

Similar thing

This response submitted by jj on 01/13/2003. ( )

I had a guy bring by an entire deer in the back of his truck. (It was dead) I explained to him that I needed all the skin from just behind the front legs, and forward. He drops the head off when I was no there. It looked like he took a chainsaw, and just cut the deer in half behind the front legs, and brought it to me.

same here

This response submitted by ck on 01/16/2003. ( )

Had the same thing happen to me this year. A woman calls and asks about doing a deer shoulder mount for her son. I said yes with the price dicussed and all. They call back the next day to make sure I'm in, so they can bring it over. The older couple come in and talk for awhile and finally the man says do you want me to bring the deer in? He said that it still had the front legs attached so I thought they had tube skinned the legs and cut them off at the knee. I said sure bring him in. He goes and gets the thing and it was more than half of the deer.They just wacked it in half. When I asked how old it was they said it was taken the first day of season (week and a half prior)and that they didn't want the meat back, that I could have it. No thanks thats going to the dump. Weird stuff we see in this bussiness.

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