Whitetail Antlers Care and polishing

Submitted by Mike on 01/03/2003. ( mike_the_fireman_1999@yahoo.com )

Good Afternoon,
I have a question I would like to throw out to all of you, antler care and polishing. Just a couple of days ago I was fortunate to shoot a nice 9 point West Texas Whitetail Buck. The unfortunate thing is that it took a 12 gauge slug just behind the jaw (turned to run as I took the shot) and I've decided on an antler mount. This is going to be a do-it-yourself mount with a store bought kit and I would like to make sure the antlers are properly cared for and polished. What product should I use to polish the antlers so they do not fade and bleach over time? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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This response submitted by Grouseman on 01/03/2003. ( )

Cut off the skull plate and boil it. Cut through the forhead just behind the eyes and cut until just below the eyes. Now turn the head so that it is on it's nose and cut straight down till you connect to the first cut. Now get a pan of water and submerse the skull plate in this. let it simmer for awhile and cut off the hide and meat as it softens. The tissue should start to seperate from the skull on it's own. Once all tissue is off take a wire brush and scrape the skull and antler bases to get rid of the rest of the tussue that might have been missed. You should have plenty of extra skull left over and can trim as needed. This way you will not cut into the antler by cutting to close to the burrs.
As for as a ploish.......have you ever seen a live deer with shiny antlers? Just keep the antlers out of the weather and direct sunlight and they should be just fine. It is the sun that bleaches em out. I have a huge 6ptr that I shot 8 yrs ago and the antlers are still just as brown as the day I shot him. FYI he scored 122".

No Need

This response submitted by Brad Jones on 01/03/2003. ( Broadhead3@aol.com )

to polish or worry about fading or bleaching, I assume you are keeping it inside. just keep them away from the fireplace or any other smokey area and they will be fine.

Armour All...

This response submitted by Bill@Real Life on 01/03/2003. ( )

Check the search link to the left and look up european mounts for info on cleaning the skull, etc...as for the antlers...I use armour all...yes the stuff you put on your car's dash. This really gives them a deep 'life-like' look and does not cause them to fade...be sure not to place your mount next to a sunny window though as no matter what you use, over time, the antlers will fade and you will need to stain them with antler stain...


This response submitted by Mike on 01/03/2003. ( )

Thanks guys for the usefull information. I had seen on other posts using johnson's paste wax and other products for the antlers. Just want to clean them up a bit to get them set for a long life. Again thanks.

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