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I am a novice planning to mount my first whitetail deer head. I had the cape tanned at a local taxidermist(wet tanned). I asked the taxidermist if there were any special tricks dealing with the cape - ears in particular and removing the cartilage. He said to leave it in and just install the earliner behind it. In browsing the archives I reaffirmed my initial undeerstanding that the cartilage should be removed but didn't find anything about the possibility of leaving it in. So my question is.......CAN it be left in and still obtain satisfactory results? Also....What can I use as an earliner adhesive either way - appears that many adhesives from supply catalogs should not freeze and its a bit below freezing here in cheeseland right now. I would certainly appreciate any and all advice/comments.................Ken

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Cartlige Liner

This response submitted by shooter on 01/13/2003. ( ccannon@telepak.net )

You can use the Cartlidge Liner (I think thats the name) from McKenzie. If you are going to take the cartlidge out go with one of eppleys ear liners.
As for paste, Epo-Grip is the best.
Good luck,

Try Removing It

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I just mounted my first head and was a bit nervous about removing the cartilage. I dove in and discovered that its pretty easy! Just take your time and be careful when you make the first cut. Look at the McKenzie Web site for some photos of the process. I used buttless earliners and 5 minute epoxy and it worked great. I packed the inside of the ear tight with paper towels to keep the skin from drumming.

Good luck!

leave the cartilage in and ..

This response submitted by terryr on 01/14/2003. ( )

use Epo-Grip - you wont be able to tell the differenc


This response submitted by Bill M on 01/16/2003. ( )

although they make earliners that go in without removing the cartilage do yourself a big favor and learn to get the cartilage out-All of it right to the edges- then make sure your liner fits and glue it in with any good adhesive. Nobody likes taking out cartilage but it gets easier and easier with time and unless your doing bondo ears you will never get good ears leaving it in.

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