Dall sheep capes turning orange from bleach

Submitted by Shane on 01/22/2003. ( )

We are using a bleaching kit from Wesco bought throuh AAA intended for dall sheep capes. They recommend putting it on once the cape is mounted on the form. The results we have had is that the mount at first is snow white and once it dries goes a yellow/orange in large patches. One mount out of four actually stayed white (so far). Previously we have been using hair salon bleach with good results before mounting on tannery tanned capes. This year we are using liqua tan on our dall and stone capes due to poor tannery results. The hair salon bleach also turned our capes a light yelow hue this year and that's why we decided to try this other bleach. We have also moved to a new location with hard well water - possibly high iron content. Does anyone have any ideas what is going wrong? Maybe liqua tan is not intended for white capes, maybe the iron in the water is oxidizing? Maybe a water softening system would help. Please help!

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This response submitted by Eric on 01/22/2003. ( info@kodiaktaxidermy.com )

Shane, are you nuetralizing after bleaching? If not this could be your problem. All of my capes are commercially tanned by Alpha Fur in Anchorage. I very rarely need to bleach one that they tan. Also sheep are not pure white. If you blaech them till they are pure white you are burning the hair. They should be the shade of a cue ball. If you have to bleach,.. nuetrlize with white vinegar after, then use a good quality(Pual Mitchell)conditioner. Also if you have spotting,...VERY gently with a very fine sandpaper you can even some of that out. Do not over due it and make sure it is very fine.
E-mail me if you need more info,..or call 907-486-4883. It's much easier for me to talk to you than type and explain something.
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