Case skinning and tanning

Submitted by Dillon McAtee on 01/23/2003. ( )

I am 14 and getting into predetor hunting. I have been doing research but i can't find how to case skin! If anyone has any tips, PLEASE tell me. Also can you tan with house hold items if not can anyone tell me where to find CHEAP tanning formula? Thank YOu!

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Tannig hides

This response submitted by KJ'S Taxidermy Studio on 01/24/2003. ( Yahoojosemonrroy )

Hello Dillion
I personaly think there's nothing you can use in your household to tan anything . I think the best thing to do is to get some tanning products.And you can do a better job. I don't know if you heva a van'Dykes catalog or not. but if you do you can get some cheape tanning products. Since I don't no what you are going to tan I can't tell you what to get. If you can tell me more about it. I will try to help you. till next time. KJ'S Taxidermy.

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