Attaching skull mount to panel

Submitted by Dobber on 01/24/2003. ( )

How do I attach a skull mount to a panel, I'm using the bottom jaw also. Another thing what kind of hanger is best to use on the panel. First time at this, everything nice and white, now how to get it on the panel. thanks for any help, and I have read the archives, got a few ideas.

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This response submitted by jc on 01/24/2003. ( )

fill the brain cavity with mostly clay and then fill the rest of the way with bondo
and screw through th pannel into the bondo. good luck

Wel l try this

This response submitted by Elmer on 01/26/2003. ( Tops )

Get your self ready for the skull falling off the panel. Bondo will not hold it. Maybe fer a while. Go to the hardware store get some drywall bolts. You know the type that has the wing nut on the other side that you can bolt. When you run a bolt thru then it opens up like a butterfly on the other sie. Take this nut squeeze it shut put it in the brain cavity and run your bolt thru the panel (predrill) as you tighten the bolt it will open on the inner cranium and hold tight. Then take some heavy epoxey to set the skull in place where it touches the panel (clear). That should solve your problem.

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