salting a deer cape...

Submitted by jared on 01/29/2003. ( )

i talked to a local taxidermist on how he mounts his whitetail and he said he doesent cut it all the way down the back. i tryed it and it works real well but i cant figure out how to salt it all at the same time because only one side can be exposed to air at once. thanx

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Use A Salting Table

This response submitted by Rick on 01/31/2003. ( )

Jared, That is called a short y incision, thats what I use also.These can be dried if on a salting table,I made mine.This allows air to flow all around the cape while it is being salt dried. Try this. I took a sheet of 1/4" plywood, cut 4'x6' and screwed 1x4's 4'long in an upright position, like this,IIIIIIIII, then fix the table so it is in a inclined position, lay your capes on it and salt, the air will flow through the underneath side and allow them to dry.


This response submitted by ETCC on 02/01/2003. ( )

Try hanging it like clothes on a clothes-line...upside down with the bottom of the cape on top at the line you're hanging it from...whether completely back cut or 'Y' cut...air circulates all around it.

thank you

This response submitted by jared on 02/01/2003. ( )

thanx for your time. i will try it

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