Coyote mounting help

Submitted by Donnie on 01/30/2003. ( )

I am going to attempt my first coyote shoulder mount. I was wondering if I should stay away from an open mouth mount for my first one and go with a closed mouth? I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help provide directions of tips? I have also heard about spliting the lips, ears and nose and was wondering if anyone could provide some insight as to what this means and how to do it.

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1st dog

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 01/30/2003. ( )

Donnie, Splitting lips,nose, eyes, and turning ears are real basic things to taxidermy. If you are not educated on these I would recomend leaving the dog in the freezer untill you learn more. The orange "search" button to the left of this screen will get you answers to at least 80% of your questions on basic taxidermy technique.Also a good way to start is to order some books or videos. I wouldn't discourage you for anything but better to learn more before putting in a lot of time on a project that is sure to disappoint you if you don't. Good luck,Aaron H.

get some squirrels

This response submitted by gary on 02/04/2003. ( )

i agree, let the dawg chill in the freezer for a while. i started on squirrels and coons. a lot the same principals apply and they are easy to come by to work with.

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