cow skull horn problem

Submitted by Elizabeth on 10/25/2003. ( )

I have a cow skull, about 30yrs. old. It was cleaned by burying. The cases, hope that's the right term, on the horns come off and the backs of the cases near the skull are sort of flaky and thinning. What can I do to preserve them? Clear enamel, epoxy?

The horns curve down and are 19 inches long on the outer curve and it's a really neat skull and I would like to keep it together.

Thanks for any help,

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cow skull

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 10/26/2003. ( )

Elizabeth, That back area of the horn covers might need a little rebuilding. Due to the fact that this area is a "growing" area of the horn and not very hard in life it tends to shrink and can be rebuilt using Apoxie-sculpt or similar epoxie type clay. If it's not too bad and doesn't show as displayed you might leave it as it is. I would think to just brush the loose stuff off of the horn covers and do a general clean up of the whole skull. After the really loose flakey parts are gone and the skull is clean and dry spray it down all over with a few coats of a good quality clear matte finish. Krylon and Rustoleum are good products. Put it on in medium to thin coats and the result should be a flat cleaner look that will seal the bone and help hold the fine little cracking stuff together. Before spraying you might want to glue any loose teeth and make small repairs. Enjoy, Aaron H.

Thank you

This response submitted by Elizabeth on 10/28/2003. ( )

Thanks Aaron, I will try the spray.


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