Small Hog head mount

Submitted by Steve on 12/12/2003. ( )

I have been given a small wild pig that was killed. All black color. My question is can you make a type of head mount from it due to the size, or would a life size mount be better? It's about 15 lbs. and there are no forms I can find that would do. Prefer a head mount but if not, should I try a body wrap like for a squirrel body or mache? Thanks in advance.

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Do you mean the whole pig or the head?

This response submitted by Scott on 12/13/2003. ( )

I have killed a lot of pigs from 100-400 pounds. The smallest I ever killed was around 85. When you say 15 are you talking the weight of the head or is it a baby piglet? I have a house cat that size. LOL.

Piglet Size

This response submitted by Steve on 12/14/2003. ( )

The piglet is that size (15-20 lbs.). Iknow...its small but just doing a head mount as a novelty would be something. Just not sure to make the head other than maybe a wrap or plaster. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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