Two more questions about deer skull

Submitted by Scott on 12/13/2003. ( )

I have a deer skull my bugs cleaned. It was very quick this time, but the skull looked like it had a lot of grease stains on it. I know deer don't have grease like bear or pigs, so will the grey turn white when I whiten it? I did try the super solvent degreaser for 30 minutes, but didn't see a change. Also, the skulls that come out of my bug box seem to all have bits of white connective tissue? on them that the bugs never seem to get rid of. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. SD

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This response submitted by Raven on 12/13/2003. ( )

Degrease it longer. If it still looks like it's greasy - keep degreasing. There are too many variables to let a time limit be your guide. Adjust to each piece.

As for the connective tissue - the bugs won't eat everything unless you leave it in there for a way longer time than need be. With dermestid use - there is still some manual labour on your part that needs to be done to complete removal. Maceration will remove that tissue and mean less labour for you - but it takes longer than the bugs do.

SO - it's a trade off... bugs are faster turn around, but require a bit more involvement from you. Grab a scalpel and carefully remove what the beetles left.

Try hot tap water with the degreaser.

This response submitted by John C on 12/13/2003. ( )

That is one thing I have found 120f-130f degree water allows the degreaser to work better.

If its still discolored, mix a bit of white oil Artist paint with JOHNSONS PASTE WAX for furniture (Yellow squat can) and polish the skull, this will whiten the skull very well. Repeat as needed.

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