Whitening a horse skull

Submitted by Tammy on 12/01/2003. ( tamathadawn@hotmail.com )

Guy brought a horse skull to me a few months ago. He had found it on his property (died of natural cause) and left it on the roof of his house to let the skin rot off. Now it's in my house for me to clean and whiten! I did soak for a couple of days (brought it back to life) drained the water and resoaked. Flesh is gone perfectly clean however, the skull is this dingy yellow color. Not sure what to do next. I do live in the middle of town and smell can be an issue that i need to avoid! Help is appreciated.

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Our simple chemicals are dangerous. Safety First

This response submitted by John C on 12/01/2003. ( )

Soak in several changes of Dawn dish det. and water over the next week. This will remove most of the grease, I would make it striaght hot tap water! 120F! change as needed. Horses are greasy.

Next do this as directed.
3% peroxide from the cheapest discount store you can find. Dont be
cheap get enough to fully submerge (under 1 to 2 inches0f H2O2) the skull in for a few days, this should whiten it without much danger to yourself of your kids. Be sure to keep this away from dogs, cats, kids, wife, mothers, mother in laws and anybody who could possibley hurt themselves out of *&&^%%$.

John, did you have an out of body experience? LOL

This response submitted by George on 12/01/2003. ( georoof@aol.com )

I use the 30% when I can't get the 40%. Most home hair bleach kits have the same stuff in them so if a person has a safety issue, you can bet they better watch out for the Drano, the mistletoe berries, the castor beans, the Clorox, and the oven cleaners. Living is hazardous to ones' health, so I use the most effective products I can find. Regardless of the concentration, peroxide in an open container turns to water. The gels just take longer, but eventually, the extra oxygen atom releases and forms ordinary water. If you read the directions, it's just as safe or safer than that electric knife you carved the turkey with.

3% Peroxide

This response submitted by Raven on 12/01/2003. ( )

3% hydrogen peroxide is readily available and SAFE to contact with bare skin.

30% plus can/will cause burns and cause crazed mothers to email John and blame him for her neglect ;)

George, I took a ass eating for some PROFESSIONAL methods

This response submitted by JOhn C on 12/03/2003. ( the jerk failed to use any safety items. )

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The dangerous stuff is not for kids or nencompoop adults to use.n

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