Bondo Ear Mistake

Submitted by hfl on 12/01/2003. ( )

Ok, here's the deal. I completed my first head mount over the weekend. It actually turned out pretty well with one exception. The ears either weren't split all the way to the edges or I didn't get enough bondo into the entire lower portion of one of the ears. So when it started to dry overnight, the bottom of one of the ears curled badly. I immediately put it back where it was supposed to be using long, flat hair clips. I now have approximately 6-8 hair clips in place to keep it from curling again. My question is will this ear ultimately turn out when it is completely cured or will it end up curling over time?

I now know the importance of splitting and making sure that the bondo gets into every nook and cranny in the ear. Live and learn. I'll try to post some pictures somewhere after it has completely dried in about month. You can all give me your critical eye.


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Sounds like either or both.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 12/01/2003. ( )

Dont worry about the first critter being perfect, they can never be perfect! Even years down the road your deer will be far from perfect, noone can recreate life in a dead animal, we just get pretty close.

When Neuton SUpply puts EAR MAGIC out on the market, give it a try, I feel it is far far better than BONDO and resin mix.

Same thing!

This response submitted by Troy C. on 12/07/2003. ( )

My first attempt with the bonded ear method ended up the same way. I since learned that I had put too little bondo in the ear, and attempted to get the ear too thin. I did not put any resin in the bondo, so the thin layer of bondo in the ear was not strong enough to withstand the drying of the ear. Since that experience, I have switched to earliners.. BIG BIG diference and also easier. GOOD LUCK!

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