I cant get meat off the face of my raccoon

Submitted by phil on 12/04/2003. ( )

how should I go about getting meat off the skin

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This response submitted by Stephen Trull on 12/04/2003. ( stephen.trull@wildlifememories.com )

First, go slow. Get you some razor blades and slowly cut it away. You obviously have not done much taxidermy so my best advice is take your time. Razor blades will allow you to cut and thin all of the facial meat and thin the hide for easier mounting.


This response submitted by CamoJoe on 12/05/2003. ( )

yes razor blades work pretty dang good.I highly recommend the "ultimate scissors" from www.taxidermy.com this will make that easier too. split the lips carefully, and with your hand always behind the other side of whatever your cutting score the thick parts of the facial muscle, checkering marks all over that stuff. then salt for a while, will pull fluid out of meat making all those little cut up peices you made kind of hardend or gelatin like. these cut off alot easier this way. Be carefull around whisker area, dont damage the follicles. trim around the nose carefully rolling it as much as possible.

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