Two fighting fishers- form for this mount wanted

Submitted by Lacie Berkebile on 12/04/2003. ( )

I have two fishers, one bigger than the other. I want to mount them fighting with the bigger one winning, but I can't find the forms to fit my idea. Any help?

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Roll your own

This response submitted by Glenn on 12/04/2003. ( )

Lacie, for this type of mount you will either have to wrap the bodies you need from wire and excelsior/tow or you could carcass cast. I decided to mount a grey fox perched in a snag (cover of the Trapper & Predator Caller 2002 yearbook)for our state association's competiton and show this year. I finally decided to do the carcass cast and it turned out great. Which ever way you decide to go, remember to get as many reference pictures as you can find. I'm doing a large male red fox chasing a cottontail in a corn field for 2004. I have all the componenets for the mount but can't find any references. I think I'll get one of those poseable Scoobie Doos with the wire in the legs and see if I can come up with the right pose.
Good luck,

Glen, the posible Scoobie doo is a great idea!

This response submitted by John C on 12/05/2003. ( )

Dude, thats such a great idea first thing in the Am I am going to Wally world to find one! No make that two.

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