Submitted by mike s on 12/04/2003. ( )

Could someone who has experience using an air driven hand held flesher give me some idea how long it takes to flesh a deer cape? I'm thinking of buying one. THanks mike

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Deer capes

This response submitted by "the man along the sk. river" on 12/04/2003. ( )

Deer capes should be no big deal
there fairly easy to flesh and deal with anyway


This response submitted by fesekula on 12/05/2003. ( )

It takes me about 45 minutes, plus clean up. It works great for me.Money well spent....fs


This response submitted by Shann on 12/05/2003. ( Davistaxidermy@hotmail.com )

It use to take me about 15-20 min on WT. I only used the air driven on the muzzle, neck and rest of the hide. I used a electric flesher around the eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure the blade is not real sharp. I use to dull up a new blade on a coke can or couple of old hides before I would use it on a good hide. My buddy Bob Frobieter has a table mountable ball made for fleshing around the face. He use to sell them in WASCO catalog. If interested let me know and I can give him a call.

Great Buy

This response submitted by CamoJoe on 12/05/2003. ( )

Just bought one months back and have had fun fleshing deer capes out with it. Just make sure you have a air compressor that can handle that amount of air usage. Its really great around the face too, just be careful.

Marginal investment

This response submitted by Pete on 12/06/2003. ( spacekpeter@hotmail.com )

I had one. It worked fine for fleshing but trying to shave a cape is a whole different story. I would recommend to save your money and buy a full size fleshing machine. I did and I haven't use the mini-flesher since than. In fact, I think I sold it.

I like mine

This response submitted by steve on 12/07/2003. ( )

I've been using one for several years and like it a lot. I'm going to buy a full sized fleshing machine this year but I also plan to keep the mini flesher. They work great for detail face fleshing. Hope this helps....Steve

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