open mouth elk

Submitted by allen on 12/04/2003. ( )

Yes i need a little help on doing a bugling elk mount i have read through the search and i didnt find any strait answer on how to tuck the lips with the jaw set. Could any one explain the best way of blending the jaw line and lips in . do you set the jaws first or after the lips dry? thanks for any info

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Set the jaws first

This response submitted by Superpig on 12/04/2003. ( )

Cut your lipline right along the hairline and superglue it along the lipline on the form. This way no tucking of the lips is needed and finish work is minimal.

You can even finish the entire inside of the mouth before you mount your elk and then glue the lipline along the edge of the form.

Make sure you have good reference photos so you know where and how much lip is showing on a bugling elk.

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