Do I need a license for Skulls?

Submitted by scott on 12/05/2003. ( )

I live in California and clean skulls with beetles. So far, I am not making a profit, I am trading it out with people I know. I searched the articles and it sounds like Federal Taxidermy laws only deal with endangered species or transportation of animals. Does anyone in California know if I need a taxidermy license to do this and what I have to do to get one? Like I said I am doing no hides or mounts, just skulls.

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Scott you are bartering your services.

This response submitted by John C on 12/05/2003. ( )

Its taxable! check the IRS.

No Taxidermist Lisence Required in California

This response submitted by RJ Simington on 12/06/2003. ( )

There is no Taxidermy lisence required in California.
No matter if you are a pro or not.

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