Goat/sheep form?

Submitted by Becky P on 12/05/2003. ( )

O.k. don't laugh. My goat died this morning. I've had her for about 9 or 10 years. I don't know what kind of goat she is, she just followed my truck home one day (honest). I never could find her owner so I kept her. Anyway, I don't want to just throw her to the buzzards, so if I can get her skinned through the tears, I'm going to mount her. I can not find a "goat" form(in any of my catalogs) close to the right measurements (5 3/8 x 11 1/2). A mouflon "sheep" form is the closest. My question is: is there alot of difference in the shape of their heads or can a goat and sheep form be interchanged? Or would it be better to get a goat form and reduce it?
Also, she has different colored eyes. So I'm undecided if I should try to match their origanl color or use the same color. I have pictures of her that I would probably put with the mount and you can definitely tell they are different colored. Any opinions one way or the other?
Thanks, BP

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This response submitted by Glenn on 12/05/2003. ( unkfuz@aol.com )

Becky, they have some neck and shoulder forms for Spanish and domestic goats. Sound like you're doing just the head? They have a neck(ST) and shoulder(LT) forms that are both 5-1/2x12.

Thanks, Glenn

This response submitted by Becky P on 12/05/2003. ( )

I forgot about Touchstone. They have alot of stuff some of the others don't have. Guess I'm too upset to think straight. You are right about a shoulder mount. Wish I could do a lifesize, but I don't have any room for it. I may go ahead and skin her for lifesize, just in case I find some extra space.
Thanks again. BP

About the eyes

This response submitted by Superpig on 12/05/2003. ( )

why don't you give Paul at Tohicken Glass Eyes a call? If you send them a pic of your goat's eye they can recreate it the exact same it used to be.

Thanks SP

This response submitted by Becky P on 12/05/2003. ( )

I just might do that.
BTW, I think she broke her neck, either trying to jump out of her pen or head butting a wall. Two of her favorite past times. Third would be eating rosebushes, roses first. BP

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