Elk antler question

Submitted by scott on 12/27/2003. ( sschuh@flinthills.com )

I had a customer bring in some elk antlers to bleach the skull and attach.I drilled the skull and the antlers,ran a rod through them,used epoxy and attached.I finished by using Apoxie Sculpt to smooth out the seams.Well he called this morning and said about 3:00 this morning he heard a crash and the antlers fell off and hit the t.v.. Well,I was under the impression that as I mounted to a plaque that it was going to be laying down not hanging on his wall.He said it was because his furnace heated the room making the epoxie soft again.I know once epoxie sets,it will not get soft again.I said I would fix it for him.Now my question,How? I am thinking of using all thread and drilling it deeper and using heavier all thread.I really feel like crap about this,not to mention the fact I don't want people thinking I do crappie work!If he would have said it was going on the wall I would have done things different.

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Did the house burn down?

This response submitted by JOhn C on 12/27/2003. ( )

Must be some heat! There was an article in the last Breakthrough that may help.

Elk antler - Scott

This response submitted by Dianne on 01/01/2004. ( )

Perhaps you should think of another line of work if you think antlers go on a plaque on a table. I have NEVER seen, nor even heard of antlers being anything but wall mounted and I have done several. Who, on this earth, would think of leaving them on a table? Good luck with future mountings, after you have done some research.
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