Tucking Elk Tearduct

Submitted by mike on 12/28/2003. ( )

Wondering how you go about creating the cut in the form where the tear duct slips into,do you dremel?cut with knife?
Thanks, Mike

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tear duct.....

This response submitted by Lee on 12/28/2003. ( )

Well mike if the tear duct is thinned down properly it should be the same as usual. i use a lip tucking tool to make the slot. but the important thing is that it is thinned properly...good luck

can even cuit some away

This response submitted by JEM on 12/29/2003. ( )

I cut part of the tear duct away - just too darn much to deal with. And Lee is right on the money - make sure it is shaved thin (and when you think it is thin, shave it even more).

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