how long can I leave a cape in the pickle

Submitted by lee on 12/28/2003. ( )

I just put a cape from a boar into a saftee-acid pickle, and my real job sent me out of town for 4-6 weeks. My wife has checked the PH for me and added more acid to keep the PH below 2. Is this going to ruin the cape and if not is there anything extra I'll need to do to it before I tan it, other than neutrilize it. Thanks, Lee

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Ask her to............!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/28/2003. ( )

It should be fine for that long - I've kept them much longer with no problems! Just ask her to stir it once a day and once a week check the PH - dont tell her to keep adding acid unless it really needs it. Normally, since Saftee Acid doesnt evaporate it will remain stabile. Tell her to put a piece of cardbboard over it to prevent anything from falling into it and contaminating it. That could make the PH go up, depending on what it is.

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Bruce Rittel

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by Lee on 12/28/2003. ( )

She is stiring it every day or so and checking the PH at the same time. She has only added more acid once, after the first couple days, but the PH has stayed around 1. It is in a covered rubber maid tub so no danger of contamination. Thanks again

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