locked antler fighting whitetails

Submitted by Britt on 12/24/2003. ( saree_day@bwoodtx.com )

Does any one have any suggestions for locked antler fighting whitetail forms. they are both going to be shoulder mounts that will be on the same wall or in a corner on oppisite walls. I also would like to know what forms or manufacturer would be suggested. Any help here would be appreciated.

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Van Dykes

This response submitted by Tenbears on 12/24/2003. ( )

Form Bk-01309064 And BK-01309083 You will find them in the latest catalog on page 28. If the racks are exceptionally large you may need to alter them a bit for wall clearance


This response submitted by jim on 12/24/2003. ( )

I first set up a 4x4 3/4" plywood easel then I pick the best form I can find for the capes I have, pose does not matter, then I cut the heads off and attach the antlers to the heads so that you have the two locked sets with foam heads attached. Then I secure the neckless mannikins (shoulders) to the easel with a couple of screws from the back and I rebuild/resculpt the necks with hunks of form and heavy wire so that the heads meet up, I rasp and fill in with poured foam necks so everything is perfect. Of course reference and measurements all all used. Then I unscrew the mannikins from the easel and attach one of the mannikins to my regular mounting stand with the second head hanging out there in space and I mount them as usual one at a time. When I have them mounted I just rehang the mounts on the plywood easel to dry and groom. This system works great for racks that will not come apart like big trophy racks of muleys, whitetails or even elk. You can use quality mannikins and really complete a nice job that fits tight to the wall when completed. You can contact by email direct if have any questions. jimmarsico@vcn.com

Im with Jim

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 12/24/2003. ( )

I seldom find forms thatll fit the pose, as all antlers lock differently, it seems. I do one or two sets each year. I wish I OWNED a nice set though...HINT HINT! hahaha

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