Artificial Pine Tree

Submitted by Harry Pelton on 12/29/2003. ( )

I need an artificial pine tree for a bear mount. The client wants the bear up in a tree , as he shot it. Any ideas as to who sells or can manufacture one. The bear is about 350 lbs. so the tree would have to be at least 6 feet tall and I would assume about 18-20 inches in diameter.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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6ft tree...

This response submitted by Paul on 12/31/2003. ( )

would be smaller than your adverage christmas tree. To support a 350lb bear it would need to be 30ft to start, unless your looking for a section of large tree. I would guess a large realistic tree would cost a fortune, if you can find it. You could use a large artifical branch, cast some pine bark, and glue it on. Just my thoughts, have a happy new year, Paul

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