peroxide question

Submitted by Scott on 12/30/2003. ( )

I have spent a lot of time searching the archives about peroxide. I usually use 50 volume from a beauty supply store mixed with the powder. It works most of the time, but not always. I have noticed that half the archival posts say to put the skulls in the sun when using peroxide (all types of peroxide, not just the cream). The other half says that sunlight neutralizes peroxide and to make sure you keep them in the dark. Which is it? Thanks.

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Neutralizes it...

This response submitted by Raven on 12/30/2003. ( )

The sun doesn't enhance the whitening power of the peroxide... the sun IS a whitening power unto itself. A skull or pair of moose sheds left in the woods or hung over a garage door whiten over time to appear incredibly bleached out - all without the addition of any peroxide. The sun helps to whiten the bone material the same way it fades colours from a shoulder mount, fish or seat covers in your car - it's the ultra violet properties that perform the whitening. For peroxide to be most effective - keep it well sealed and dark as light and air can both reduce it's effectiveness. This is also why in a pharmacy you see the rubbing alcohol in a clear container.. but the peroxide is in an opaque one... again - the light breaks down the peroxide. If you are interested in the exact chemistry of that break down and the loss of the additional oxygen atom maybe Glenn or George can help ya out?

So bottom line is that you can use UV, or peroxide, or both (one after the other) but to combine UV and peroxide at the same time adds no extra benefit.

Hope that helps =)

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