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Submitted by ronny on 12/26/2003. ( )

A friend of mine shot a nice buck the other day and I was kind of interested in the cape. He said the rack was busted up but otherwise the deer was about 3 1/2 yrs and had a nice big neck. I don't know why, but he cut a hole in the ear to tag it, and I was wondering if this would be a problem if I wanted to use the cape? I don't know why he didn't just put it on the antlers, but he didn't! Is this something that will show, after the taxidermist is done with it? I'm trying to decide if I should take the cape, or wait for another one, without a cut hole in it's ear. I have not seen the deer, but I will be going over to look at it and decide if I want the cape this sunday.


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This response submitted by Bojack on 12/26/2003. ( )

If the cut in the ear is all that is wrong with it, then I wouldn't think thats a problem. A good taxidermist can fix that wtih no problem.
Go ahead and take the cape.


This response submitted by Tenbears on 12/26/2003. ( )

from your question I am assuming you are a beginner. Take the cape. It will be a good one for you to practice on. do not worry about the ear, It can easily be fixed. You will probably not be producing a first rate mount, in the beginning, so take any cape you can get. It is better to practice on deer no one wants, than to ruin one that they do. Experience is the best teacher, and try to get all of it you can.

better get used to it

This response submitted by paul on 12/26/2003. ( )

if your gonna be a taxidermist, ya better get used to fixing ear holes

I dont think you guys are getting him!

This response submitted by sean on 12/26/2003. ( )

He just wants to know if his taxidermist would be able to use it. Yes but despite what was mentioned above there will be some sort of mark if the hole is in a area where there isn't any hair. The length of the hair will make some difference. If its free and a big cape then take it and just have that ear put back so as not to be shown as much. Think about turning the mount in torward the wall of that damaged side. Most of all, talk to your taxidermist! He/she will know if its something they are confortable with.

Maybe not any mark.

This response submitted by JOhn c on 12/26/2003. ( )

When you work the ear, you can make it match the other one pretty easily. Just think outside the box.

As for your taxidermist using it, some beginners will go nuts and wnat to a prefect cape! WHat, wait you say there are no perfect capes? You rrrrrright!


This response submitted by paul on 01/01/2004. ( )

here in pa. us taxies get pretty good at fixin those ear holes, since our law states our deer need to be tagged through the ear, i gua
rantee a competent taxidermist can fix those ears to be unnoticeable!
i also charge 25 bucks to make it happen. i also give the same customer a safety pin for that 25 bucks. saves him money on his next mount

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