bugling buffalo reference pictures

Submitted by Al Baken on 12/31/2003. ( wild.art@verizon.net )

Hello, and happy new year! I'm looking for a close-up picture of the eye.(american bison) The position the eyes take when the animal is bugling. If you can, e-mail a pic. If all I can get is a verbal description, I would greatly appreciate that too. thanks alot...Al

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This response submitted by Wayne R on 12/31/2003. ( therodds@msn.com )


You may want to give Old Dominion Tannery a call at 434-244-5622. I believe the person you want to talk to is Marty VandeLinde. If that is his name, he put on a seminar at the Nationals mounting a bison. He was trying to get an album together at the time to sell of some reference photos. Hope this helps and happy New Year.

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