Dall's Sheep Stolen

Submitted by Roy on 12/06/2003. ( rdahl5@juno.com )


In case any of you come across it, I was recently robbed, and a Dall's Sheep (full curl, nice symmetry, snow white head mount, in perfect condition)was taken from me some time on or after 11/24/03 and before 11/30/03. The theft took place in Southern New Mexico. My grandfather killed this animal a good number of years ago, and I'd love to get it back. I've got pictures, so when it shows up I believe I'll be able identify it accurately.
Thanks Much


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In the area

This response submitted by Jerry on 12/08/2003. ( jerrydb@leaco.net )

I'm in the Roswell, Artesia area where are you. If you have pic you might email me one. I'll keep an Eye out.

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