Staining bleeched antlers

Submitted by Stuart on 12/07/2003. ( )

I have a set of caribou antlers that I harvested this fall in Alaska that were in velvet but because of a screw up by one of the taxidermists up there the velvet did not stay on and I had to peel it off. I have done the best I can to bleech the antlers by soaking them and then cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide but they are still blotchy. Is there any way to get the blotches out? Also what is the best way to stain them, I've heard just using regular stain but I see that they sell antler stain also.

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This response submitted by George on 12/07/2003. ( )

Like I've told hundreds of others with your question, click that orange "SEARCH" icon in the left column and type in "Staining antlers". It's all in there for you.

BTW, why was it a taxidermist screw up that caused the velvet to fall off. Not that we don't make mistakes, but most times it's the hunter who screws the pooch in improper field care that we can't fix. Remember that the next time you're tempted to say, "Oh, my taxidermist can fix that." If we could grow hair, we'd be making BIG money doing something other than taxidermy.

Taxidermy Today Nov/Dec 2003 issue

This response submitted by Shann on 12/08/2003. ( )

There is a article on caribou antlers. How to scrape, clean and stain the antlers. Look for a email from me!

The taxidermist mistake

This response submitted by Stuart on 12/09/2003. ( )

What happened was that I was a packer for an outfitter in Alaska and got the chance to harvest a caribou. One of the guides was a taxidermist (supposedly a good one from what everyone said) so he told me he would dip my antlers after I shot my caribou. I harvested my bull and then sent the antlers out the very next day to his shop to be dipped. When the season was over and I went to get my antlers he told me that the dip didn't "take" and that my velvet was ruined. There were a total of 11 sets of antlers that went in there with velvet on but only 6 of them "took" while the others were ruined. He said he didn't know what happened because there were antlers in there that took that had been sitting out for a week or more before dipping while mine were only out for about 3 days. Needless to say I was mad and won't ever go back to that guy again.

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