want to learn any one need an apprentice

Submitted by Dave Miller on 12/10/2003. ( cowpuncher01@hotmail.com )

I want to learn the art of taxidermy .....Im laid off for the season any ideas

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Your location...

This response submitted by Shann on 12/10/2003. ( )

would be helpful. I use to do the same thing while I was going to college. I worked for free until I learn how to mount. Then he paid me by the head. I got a set amount per head I mounted. Until I learn to mount I also helped him with his meat processing. If you find someone in your location you may be able to do other things (like answer phone) until you learn how to mount. Just remember most people are going to be afraid you will open your own business as soon as you learn, then try to under cut them. Good luck!

where do you live?

This response submitted by Dave on 12/11/2003. ( daveh@whirlawaycorporation.con )

Let me know where you live?

I'd like to learn as well

This response submitted by AJ on 12/29/2003. ( olap44@netzero.net )

I am also very interested in learning taxidermy. Mostly interested in game heads and mammals to start. I'm not looking to undercut anyone just wanting to pick up a hobby that someday might support my hunting habit. I'm in Idaho so if anyone out there is willing to teach me I'd be willing to compensate them for their time and efforts

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