krowtan in auto tanner

Submitted by jamie on 12/10/2003. ( )

has anyone tried using krowtan in the auto tanner

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"I" Think it works great!

This response submitted by Chris on 12/18/2003. ( )

I have used Krowtann 2000 on six deer, two Rusian boars, an Axis deer, and one Dall sheep. I use "Every" step exactly as the instructios say, except puting the skin a bucket for 3 or 4 days. I split, turn, and rough flesh, then put the skin in the tanner for sometimes as little as 4 hours but most of the time, over night. I take the skin out and then start following the instructions. I seem to be getting great stretch and the skins have the best (white) look to them I have ever had. This is how I've been using it, if anyone has better ideas, I'm always ready to try new things.

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