Help! Bought a damaged gamehead on Ebay!

Submitted by Douglas Peterson on 12/10/2003. ( )

Help! I bought an (apparently) vintage mountain goat shoulder mount on Ebay. I was told there was a "small tear" near the left eye, but no other flaws. WRONG! The tear extends from the inside corner of the eye all the way down to the nose! The nose is cracked and chipped, and the eyelids are pulling away from the glass eyes, one of which had popped out and was in the bottom of the box. I know I can use beeswax to help fix the nose and the eyes, but how can I fix the huge split in the face skin? Can the skin be rehydrated and brought together somehow? The skin is NOT loose on the face at all, but has cracked and formed a fissure.

Douglas Peterson

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This response submitted by john on 12/10/2003. ( )

usually means Old so I don't thimk there is too much you can do other than re-cape it, write if you want it done. Good luck, John

File a fraud claim

This response submitted by Scott on 12/10/2003. ( )

Make sure you file a fraud claim on ebay for misrepresenting the item. It won't get you anything, but it will put a blackmark on their feedback.

90 days

This response submitted by woodchick on 12/11/2003. ( )

make sure your fraud claim with ebay before the 90 days is up otherwise you have notheing . So dont wait .. take the advice

Live and learn....

This response submitted by Shann on 12/11/2003. ( )

never buy anything unless they have lots of pic or send you lots of pics. Sorry you got taken! Just beware that Ebay is very slow to act on anything. My account got taken over and it took me a month to get them to do anything!

Thanks, guys!

This response submitted by Douglas Peterson on 12/11/2003. ( )

The seller did NOT represent this mount as being vintage, I'm just guessing that it's old based on the dried up condition. I did receive one personal email suggesting I cut some hair from the back of the mount and insert it into beeswax to cover the tear, so I guess I'll try that. There WERE pics of the mount on ebay, but they were not close up and did not reveal the flaws. Oh well. Caveat emptor!

Don't mess with the mount

This response submitted by Superpig on 12/11/2003. ( )

Don't do anything to the mount and try to recap your money first. If you mess with the mount in any way they might say you did it and won't refund you.

If you are going to get stuck with it for good and ebay won't take it back, have an experienced taxidermist do the repair job. Someone who has done those types of repair before and has done them good.

If you don't mind.....

This response submitted by Paul B on 12/11/2003. ( )

me asking, what did you pay for it?

Paul B

Good luck getting eBay to help

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 12/11/2003. ( )

I bought some items on there, but only received less than half of them. I contacted both eBay and Paypal. Paypal 'investigated' it, then told me the guy had provided a shipping number as proof of delivery! I told them I hadn't received all my shipment, but they said "That's the way our system is set up at this time and we're sorry we couldn't help you." I then contacted eBay (the 90 days were almost up), but got the same thing. No help.

I hope your experience turns out better than mine did!

You could try to resell it on eBay, being sure to point out the flaws. Maybe someone will buy it for the horns on it. You never know from day-to-day whose browsing eBay. Might luck out and get more than you paid for it. (You can always put a reserve on it, and re-list it over time...)

Is this the goat?

This response submitted by Paul B on 12/11/2003. ( )

Sounds like the way you describe it. Pictures and description show that it is a old low quality mount. If this is the one it looks like you got what you paid for.

Paul B

Thanks again for your suggestions

This response submitted by Douglas Peterson on 12/12/2003. ( )

No, that is not the goat from Ebay. I purchased it probably about4 months ago now from a seller in Canada, who had a high approval rating. He had to get permits to ship it to the USA and it took several months. If only I had known.....

Unfortunately, I paid $365 for it including shipping and permits. I learned a hard lesson. Yes, I could try to resell it, but I'm going to try my hand at restoring it and see what happens. If it doesn't turn out well, then maybe I will resell if I can. I doubt I would recoup my money on it.


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