Quarter horse shoulder mount

Submitted by jeff on 12/09/2003. ( )

I had a customer inquire about mounting his quarter horse. Does anyone know of any supplier of horse shoulder forms ?

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Van Dykes

This response submitted by Brent on 12/09/2003. ( Brent@3doutdoors.com )

I believe I have seen horse forms in Van Dykes catalog

The commercial forms SUCK!

This response submitted by JOhn C on 12/10/2003. ( )

forget the so called commercial horse forms, you will do a lot better and less work using a Zebra form. Make many cast and tons of measurments for alterations.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 12/10/2003. ( )

John is right about the commercial offerings. The zebra seems too short to me. I always wanted to do a horse shoulder, and assumed Ill have to go "from scratch".

Depends on the horse Bill.

This response submitted by John C on 12/10/2003. ( )

The Zebras then to look a bit on the stocky side, but then I have two horses that would fit the bill pretty well. Short neck, large headed type. The other two would still require a lot of alteration.

My ex-wifes Cleveland Bay carriage horse would fit the straight backed ped. form from Prescion very well, so well in fact I took lots of measurments once upon a time. His mane never laid down after she sheared it either.

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