first antelope

Submitted by ducksplus on 12/11/2003. ( )

I got my first antelope for a buddy of mine and i was wondering if i skin it the same way as a whitetail deer. Short y but does the skin around the horns come off about the same way? Any help would be great. Thanks a lot.

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freeze the cape and do some research first

This response submitted by Jim on 12/11/2003. ( )

I would not short y on an antelope; the hair is long and that is not needed. DO NOT forget to flesh out the cheek glands, they are somewhat hidden unless you look close for them, but they are there and they have to be properly fleshed out. Antelope capes are very fragile, careful or you will wreck it, but I aways carefully wash the blood out of the hair asap. The horns must be cored and the skull plate boiled. Your best bet is to ask a nearby experienced taxidermist to help you out and show you in person or do some research on mounting them thru books and past articles from taxidermy magazines.


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DOnt let Jim get you down . They are really quite easy . A short Y is all I use anymore . Yes they do have a long mane to cover any seam but on the same hand it also cuts down a ton of labor . Use a short Y and pry as much hair from uner the horns as possible . Cut off the horns and put them in a bucket of water until you can release the horns then flesh properly . Do flesh the glands and get salt on it asap . Dont pull on the hair at any time . A sneeze makes hair fall out of speed goats! Get all of the blood out before you salt . It could absorb into the hollow haired beasts and make for a long night.Other than that its all fairly textbook. Have fun with it .


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How was I being anything here but helpful?

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