Submitted by G Tanner on 12/12/2003. ( pugsy012000@yahoo.com )

I have mounted lots of deer and other mammals, but not alot of hogs. Does any one out there know an easier way to get the shield off of the hog. I know it will be hard any way but i would like to know if there is a product you canuse to make the process easier. Do most people use artificial nose or the real one. I would appreciate any tips you might have.

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A fleshing machine...

This response submitted by BigSwede on 12/12/2003. ( toivo.olsson@telia.com )

... is the way to go. You can adjust the blade to take of large slabs of pork for each stroke. Here in Sweden pigs have increased in numbers and I do quite a few each year, but I personally would not dream of taking in any if I did not had access to a good flesher. The hide can also be fleshed/shaved on a beam using a sharp two-handle knife, but You will work up a good sweat for sure. I always use the real nose, I like to have all the fine hairs left. It is not at all hard to do. Check March/April number of Taxidermy Today -it has a good article on hog mounting using the real nose. Good luck/BS


This response submitted by Rob on 12/13/2003. ( )

I have an old Machete that I purchased at an army surplus store. I put a slight edge on it with a grinding wheel, or you could use a file.It is a tough job getting the shield off the shoulders. I found this to work better than anything else that I have tried.
Good Luck!

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