Submitted by You sicken me on 05/31/2004 at 04:46. ( )

You guys are SICK FREAKS!
HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLE THINK OF KILLING AN INNOCENT DEER! YOU [expletive deleted]S ARE GOING TO BURN IN HELL! How would you like it if I skinned you alive eh?
[expletive deleted]s

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This response submitted by Orion on 05/31/2004 at 05:48. ( )

what makes you think that the deer is innocent? i just seen a buck taking yo mama in the woods and humping her! so thats when i shot her instead because the buck wasnt all that big so i just let him go! DONT WORRY THOUGH, SHES FINE. but anyway, if your planning on skinning one of us when were alive then your going to hell first. so i'll see you in hell and if you want to, when we do meet up, i can mount YOU for FREE if your interested! just let me know when your ready. oh instead i better not do that for free. the reason being that it'll be hard finding a manikin for a small maggot like you! well i hope i just brightened up your day. SO SMILE!

Is somebody ill?

This response submitted by Doctor feel Good on 05/31/2004 at 10:10. ( )

Poor chap who posted this seems a little ill, best he go have some spinach and pumpkin and a lie down until his iron content rises.
Or perhaps a nice piece of venison would work much faster?

You sicken me too

This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 05/31/2004 at 10:24. ( )

Hey,dude, How do you think that potato feel when you peel off the skin to make your "french" fries? Or that carrot when you lovingly slice it up into thin slices? Or the fleas and ticks you pick off your worthless hide and crack them between your teeth? What do you do with the cockroach that crawls across that slop you call food? Get a life,moron.

skinned alive ?

This response submitted by Becky P on 05/31/2004 at 10:37. ( )

Hate to break your heart, but the only deer I ever skin are DEAD. So go take your meds, because it's obvious you're the sick one, thinking that we skin live animals. Geeze, what an idiot.
Oh, btw, move out of your house and give the land back to that poor deer, if you really want to do something conservative instead of just wasting air and electricity.


This response submitted by Coyote on 05/31/2004 at 11:18. ( )


Prople like this are a waste of good air.


The Bible

This response submitted by anonymous on 05/31/2004 at 12:34. ( )

There Is enough biblical proof to show eating meat Is o.k
Thats If you want the proof

Attention taxidermists

This response submitted by anonymous on 05/31/2004 at 12:46. ( )

Thats why It's so Important that people know your doing something
with the eating It never let anyone hear that your throwing It away eh?

Dear, You sicken me...

This response submitted by John on 05/31/2004 at 13:27. ( )

You are soooooooo very confused. We do not skin live or nice animals. All of us skin/mount the mean dead ones. You know the deer that run out in front of innocent cars and kill the driver and passengers. Also, the fierce saber toothed veggie rat, one of which killed my dog believe it or not. (ground hogs) There are many others. The fluffy tail rat who will eat your nuts, the meanasses rabbits who terrorize gardeners, and the list goes on.
So give us a break we are trying to be as politically correct as possible and still do what we love.

Thanks, John

Hey, I love animals...

This response submitted by jim on 05/31/2004 at 13:43. ( )

they are delicious!

Anonymous, don't be a hypocrite

This response submitted by George on 05/31/2004 at 14:30. ( )

You wouldn't think of eating a road kill would you? Well, I dispose of excess meat brought into my shop just like I would a roadkill. You're trying to assuage the idiotic feelings of morons like this person (almost sounded Canadian with the "eh" at the end). These are people with no moral fiber or common sense. You can't appease that kind of mentality. The best thing you can do is expose them for what they are. They hide behind anonmymity (sort of like you) so that they can't be confronted with facts. If what I do as a taxidermist is the worst things I've done in life, I guess I should be assured of pearly gates and golden streets in the hereafter. And even better, I won't be running into that fool there.

Road kill

This response submitted by unknown on 05/31/2004 at 15:27. ( )

I know of some actual cases were road kills were given to people
by conservation officers..they have a pretty good Idea when the road kill happened they judge If It Is fit for
human consumption or not

Dang straight I eat roadkill!

This response submitted by Raven on 05/31/2004 at 16:23. ( )

Not something I'm sjut driving by and see a deer in a ditch and snatch it up no.. but if you hit it, see it get hit, or someone hits you and brings it to you? Dang straight I'm eating it! No closed season for hunting with cars, so if ya clip one in April or May it's fair game ;) Mmm been feeding on fiddleheads? Makes for some tender meat I tell ya what =)

three choices:

This response submitted by Mike on 05/31/2004 at 17:22. ( )

This idiot is eithor high on drugs, a mental case or just plain stupid.

you are sick alright, but I didnt cause it

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/31/2004 at 18:13. ( )

Perhaps you are lost. This is a taxidermy site. Let us in on that secret of skinning them without them being dead and we will embrace it as a new catch and release method.

So it seems you feel you are above all this? Think of how many bugs and other creatures YOU kill when you flip over that rock you live under and crawl out from.

As for telling everybody we also eat the meat so as not to waste anything? Sorry, Im not ashamed of what I do. I dont need to submit to these peoples inquires.

Hey guys, is it again time for me to call someone a SH*TSTAIN? It worked great the last time!

to you sicken me

This response submitted by the devil on 05/31/2004 at 18:13. ( )

If the hell fires are burning, lets cook venison

sick chick

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 05/31/2004 at 21:25. ( )

if your good looking i may let you skin something. lol and if your good i'll call you back for a mounting lesson. whew -hew how do you like me now, rotflmao

I eat my roadkill, too!

This response submitted by Skinner on 05/31/2004 at 21:56. ( )

Man, you need to go hunting with me! I'll teach you how to kill deer. I hunt a couple of different ways. One way, when out in the woods I shoot the deer right between their eyes. The shot saves alot of meat. Best of all, the heart of a deer is very good and would be the best meat you would eat. Another way is to get together a skinnin knife, large plastic bag, draggin rope, a flashlight, and stop at the local gas station and fill up. Usually a new vehicle isn't the choice to take cause sometimes you put a few dents in your vehicle going off the road to hit the deer. I have been very successful in this type of hunt. I had a buddy witness me, hitting a deer, gutting it, skinning it out and throwing it into the back of my truck in just a little over 5 minutes. In doe season you have to follow the rules. Rule #1, shoot the biggest deer, cuz the little ones will stand there, too. Rule #2, shoot till your out of shells or there is no more deer left. Rule #3 Overides the first two, make sure you shoot them in the head and try to blow their heads off. "You sicken me", you probably don't even know how to skin.

Not one of these AGAIN!

This response submitted by Michelle B on 06/01/2004 at 06:37. ( )

Why do these people come on this site if we sicken them so bad?
We don't go on their sites and harrass them for huggin' trees or premoting animal disease and suffering by NOT harvesting to PREVENT over population and starvation!

I wasn't going to reply to this........But

This response submitted by Coyote on 06/01/2004 at 13:10. ( )

Why in the hell do you people even come on to the forums, like hunting, fishing, taxidermy. If all you're going to do is call us names. I wish you heartless Cowards would leave your E-mail addy. You don't even have a clue when it come to conservation, preservation of wildlife, or even realize that this country has "THE" best people that do their best to have what we have today. Why don't you bitch about the way they're cutting down the rain forest, and how many millions of acre's are being destoryed in South America. How many of the fauna, flora ect. will be extinct because of this. But your worried about someone like me shooting a deer, a goose, or what ever. And have the gull to call me a "Sick Bastard". Well I don't believe for one minute that you don't eat meat, Where leather shoe's, have a leather belt, Or purse. Do you sleep on a down pillow! Eat bacon and eggs for breakfast.(YES YOU DO!) Or do anything else to save every known animal, bird or fish we have today. The only "Sick Bastards" we have around here are the people like you that don't understand what we have today, because of what I, and a million other people have done to get what we have. So take your so called "Sick Bastard" Quote and shove it where the sun don't shine. End of story!

Coyote........AKA.....Mike Rathnow

Right on Coyote

This response submitted by Joey on 06/01/2004 at 15:15. ( )

Coyote could have not said it any better.

Fourteen Most Likley

This response submitted by Paul I on 06/01/2004 at 20:00. ( )

Most of these posts are started by teens going threw the peta save the world faze.My own neice was a borderline case and we had many debates.As they grow up things change and they forget this type of nonsense.That is why parents should watch what some teachers are pushing in class.This was the case with my neice and I would have liked to met her teacher for a debate.Please note not all teachers push their own thoughts just a few.

From a sick bastard to one dumb bastard

This response submitted by Leanna on 06/02/2004 at 08:55. ( )

I skin ALL my animals alive, at least I don't THINK I'm dead yet. I even do it in my leather sandals I wear to hug trees later. Time for a cuddly moose steak again. Medium rare this time I think, with some raw green beans screamin as I bite into them....

Those freaks should love us...

This response submitted by Hogger on 06/08/2004 at 00:29. ( )

I mean, we're not the ones doing the killing. People bring us what they've killed and we mount it to be admired and remembered through time and memorial. Kind of the same way we keep pictures on the mantle of dead relatives. Is that sick too?

We have teeth...for eating meat!

This response submitted by Jessie on 06/08/2004 at 10:35. ( )

The thing is that we have teeth for eating meat. They don't get mad when animals, like Lions eat meat! That is what we were MADE for too. I wish they would watch a few nature shows, like the one where the killer whale plays with the seal, before he eats it. They are brutal! Just watch a cat play with it's food...and tell me that humans are cruel!

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