Big Buff horn removal

Submitted by Buckshot on 06/03/2004 at 00:14. ( )

I have a bison with heavy horns I cant get off of the cores. Ive checked the archives, and this isnt my first rodeo with buff horns. The problem is the mass of the horn stays the same for 3/4 the length of the horn, and I think the core does as well. Ive boiled and rotted them. The are loose and will move about to where they would be hitting the bend in the core. Any suggestions?

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won't come off

This response submitted by skullery....Jeff on 06/03/2004 at 07:58. ( )

From all the buff i have done i have found the older buff horns will not come off no matter what. I finally just had to drill a hole in the back side of the horn core ( not into the horn, just below it at the horn base) and flush out the inside of the core with a hose . This worked for me and help to eliminate any smells that might come from the inside of the horn core in the future. Skullery....Jeff...<><

good idea

This response submitted by AL on 06/03/2004 at 21:16. ( )

I've also drilled holes in the core and in the cap itself
on the bottom. This lets water inside to soften or loosen the tissue.
good luck

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