Warthog tusks Question

Submitted by Skullman on 06/08/2004 at 01:27. ( taxidermist03@yahoo.com )

Evening, I have a set of warthog tusks that were bleached by the sun and have become chalky. Does any one know what I could use to color them to look natural and something to seal them from further cracking? Let me know, E-mail me direct I do not check the forum very often. Thanks much! Skullman

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They all crack

This response submitted by Dean on 06/08/2004 at 08:51. ( )

It seems almost all wart hog tusks crack. They just have to be glued back together and repaired and stained. Most of it seems to done from boiling the skull. When upper and lower tusks also shrink they don't line up anymore after they dry.Seal the tusk after the repair and use wood stain to color it.

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