Buffalo Question?

Submitted by Brandon on 06/21/2004 at 18:27. ( rizilla@hotmail.com )

I was wondering if anyone could give me information about making a cane out of a buffalo penis. I have heard you just string it out and let it dry, but i would like to know if anyone knows about this first hand? Thanks for the help.

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All you need is a fence post and a brick

This response submitted by George on 06/21/2004 at 19:33. ( georoof@aol.com )

Nail the large end to the top of the post and then drape it over the top. Tie a brick and the tip of the small end and hope it doesn't rain for a couple weeks. But my question to you is, don't you have anything more exciting to do? And DON'T give it as a gift to any arthritic invalids. It ain't that strong.

Deja Vu

This response submitted by The Rookie on 06/22/2004 at 00:57. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

My wife wants to do the same thing with me when I pass!(LMAO) Peace- Jeff F.

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