What would you do with this 370" rack?

Submitted by Andy M on 06/24/2004 at 21:43. ( )

I was given this 1943 Washington elk rack recently. I wanted some opinions on what I should do with the set? I heard that this was a good place for suggestions.
Thank you

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Depends on what you want!

This response submitted by Tony on 06/25/2004 at 00:13. ( ihntdeer@aol.com ) cache-dtc-ab15.proxy.aol.com

You could have a European mount done using a replica skull, a Antler mount or have the Antlers mounted on a new cape. It's your decision.

are you

This response submitted by Brad on 06/30/2004 at 19:41. ( iowalongbeards@yahoo.com )


are you looking to sell it or displa it ?

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