Catalina Goat Manikin

Submitted by Neil on 06/25/2004 at 13:56. ( )

I have a small catalina goat a customer brought in. Where can I find a samll manikin. He measures 4 1/2 x 13 3/4. Thanks, Neil

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The smallest you can get is...

This response submitted by Hogger on 06/28/2004 at 01:09. ( )

one from Research Mannikins. It's on page 123 of catalog 24 and it's 6" X 14 3/4". You'll have to cut it down to fit. That's as small a mannikin I know for this one. If you are very familiar with the features of this animal and are fairly crafty with modifying mannikins you can buy a mouflon sheep mannikin with the right neck size and the e to n will be closer than this one. Then you can modify the chin, nose bridge and head pad and it will be your little secret and no one will ever know. Personally I don't care for this particular goat mannikin design, but when you got a small one, it's about your only choice. Van Dykes has a pretty small one too, but their neck swell heavy and are a tight fit even if you get the right "c" measurement. Good luck.

Thanks for the help

This response submitted by Neil on 06/28/2004 at 13:21. ( )


Bear Color

This response submitted by william on 07/02/2004 at 15:39. ( )

I need help with a black bear. I've just mounted my 1st black bear. This lifesize looks fine. Can someone tell me about the black dye. Do you paint the whole bear or just the belly? She is standing up in the curious look. Also do you spay the white spot on the chest.I found black dye in the McKenzie Supply book.

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