Correct habitat for WT pedastal mount?

Submitted by Don on 9/14/04 at 11:38 PM. ( )

Anyone have any suggestions on a good dried grass for decent coverage on a WT pedastal mount? Also anyone know of a place to buy hardwood slabs (bark on) around 16" round and up? There are some local places near me but they want an arm, leg and a foot for em!

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Pedestal habitat

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 9/16/04 at 8:49 AM. ( mhoney"AT"mindspring"DOT"com )

Don, You can find lots on this in the "search" to the left. I use a lot of moss on my bases and artificial grass is better, I think, than dry grass. If you have a Michaels store near you they sell a few types of grass that can be very good if you highlight them with an airbrush. I got some with dry looking tips that is real nice. Many of the supply companies sell grass as well and it's a good idea to buy several types. Enjoy, Aaron H.

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