Big game heads collection value price estimate

Submitted by Alan Chu on 9/1/04 at 1:45 AM. ( )

Hi there,

My uncle used to hunt a lot. He passed away and left a room full of big game heads and horns, all mounted. The collections are well-shaped and unique. However, we have no idea how much they worth.

Could anyone provide a high level estimate of how much the collection you think is worth as a set and individuals? I've got pictures of them. If you want to see the pictures, please leave me an email.

Here is the item list:
2 Big horn sheeps (full head)
1 Caribou with very large and well-shaped horn. (full head)
1 Mountain goat (full head)
1 Antelope (full head)
7 mounted deer horns extra big or extra well-shaped.

All inputs are appriciated.

Thank you.

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