Fleshing Machine Blades Rusting

Submitted by Julie on 9/28/04 at 10:51 AM. ( )

Just bought a new fleshing machine blade a month ago and it doesn't look any better than the one it replaced that had been on there for a year.

Does anyone have a "sure-fire" way to keep these from rusting? I have tried WD-40 & gun oil and it just keeps on rusting.

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motor oil

This response submitted by been there on 9/28/04 at 10:56 AM. ( )

when your done using it,clean the blade then put oil on it,,wd40 dont work!

WD-40 Will Work Fine

This response submitted by Coyote on 9/28/04 at 11:34 AM. ( coyote@wideopenwest.com )

For your blade. But, if you're fleshing down salted hides, or hides coming out of a pickle, your blade will rust if not taken care of immediately. You'll always get some kind of rust on the blade. But if you clean it right after your done you can extend the life of the blade tremendously


Baking Soda........

This response submitted by Dave B on 9/28/04 at 1:44 PM. ( )

......I always use Baking Soda and water before oiling the blades, this will neutrilize the acids from your pickle.
THEN I'll oil the blade.
This will greatly help rusting problems.

Have a good day,

PS...Coyote, have you done any Tiger Fishing this summer?
Me, too busy. Didn't get there once!

clean then...

This response submitted by Ed on 9/28/04 at 6:54 PM. ( )

Gotta clean it but then try using G96 instead of wd-40. Works great.

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