Yikes.....What happen

Submitted by Tim on 10/3/04 at 5:11 PM. ( )

I am mounting my 1st game head (Javilina) and it has been pickeled and tanned with Lutan F. I am very pleased with the way the skin came out. I was test fitting it on my form and I noticed that the back of the ears are slipping. I pulled on all other parts and it seems to be only the ears (in the back mostly). Is there anything I can do to fix this. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated....

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This response submitted by norm on 10/3/04 at 5:57 PM. ( )

well if you think its ok to mount then go ahead and do so, but dont pull on it anymore or your gonna lose more hair. just mount it and and dry it as fast as you can, put a fan on it. as far as fixing the already lost hair, there are a few things you can do that more experienced ppl here can help you with.

No Problem

This response submitted by Arizona taxidermist and hunter on 10/4/04 at 2:24 PM. ( )

Hey Tim...don't fret...javelina have "no" hair behind their ears or the back base of the ears. So mount away..worry free!

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