How to store gameheads

Submitted by Frank on 10/5/04 at 8:56 PM. ( )

My wife and are getting ready to travel and will be gone for about six months. We have numerous completed gameheads and other mounted items (fish, birds and small game). What is the best way to store them while we are gone. The building that they will be in has no climate control. Any suggestions will surely be appreciated.

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This response submitted by George on 10/6/04 at 9:08 AM. ( )

Most of us haven't touched this because there are too many variables in your scenario for us to step out on a limb with.

Why can't they stay where they are now while you're gone and why don't you have someone come in periodically and dust them? If they HAVE to go into storage, I'd suggest a cardboard box for each of them. They should be set above the floor on steel tables so mice can't get to them. I'd put mothballs in each box to eliminate any insect vermin. But the humidity will come into play. If it's damp, you're looking for mold problems at the very least.

I agree with George here

This response submitted by Evelyn on 10/6/04 at 3:10 PM. ( )

You are getting ready to be gone for 6 months and don't have someone keep an eye on your house and property? Hm that don't sound like a good idea. I would suggest to leave the mounts where they are and find a trustworthy person who can come by your house once a week or so and take care of the mail, dusting, etc. Keeping your heat or airconditoning on a low setting should not be all that expensive. But is sure would benefit your mounts and furniture as well for that matter.

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